These Things Are Not Admissible in This Part of the World

March 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Before I get started, let me say as a followup to the post the other day about the famous Mr. Ed, that I read today that if a car were as efficient as a bicycle it would get 912 miles per gallon of gas.

Now to the crux of today’s biscuit. To all those who revel in Austin’s present-day liberalism and open-mindedness, take a look at what was filling the newspapers on this day 156 years ago. It don’t get more redneck racist than this.

March 7, 1857

WRONG. – There are white women in this city, in the habit of walking the streets with negro girls, and receiving introductions to black men. These things are not admissible in this part of the world.


Austin, March 8, 1857

Ed. State Times:

Dear Sir. – The people of our city must have been much edified lately by the appearance of a very good looking white lady promenading the public streets on Sabbath evenings, accompanied (“not attended”) by some of our interesting black demoiselles. There was such an absence of all pride – all undue assumption of superiority – such perfect equality exhibited by the lady, that your informant could not avoid asking who she was that showed such judicious discrimination in the choice of a companion with whom to promenade publicly the streets of a southern city. All I could elicit concerning her amounts merely to this: she is, or was, a domestic in the family of one of the Rev. gentlemen of Austin. She must have enjoyed her promenades very much – varied as they were, occasionally, by an introduction in due form to Dinah’s dusky beau and Sally’s sooty sweetheart. Seriously, the familiarity with which foreign “white helps” treat the negro servants is calculated to have a pernicious effect upon the latter. English, Dutch and Irish servants, who have never been accustomed to the marked distinction of races that exist on this continent, in their ignorance and good nature treat the niggers as equals; and the consequence is, the presumption of our servants has latterly become intolerable. If you go into a barber’s saloon, you are regaled with the last morsel of scandal by the presiding genius of the establishment; and the black scoundrel will speak of white women just as freely as of black. I know this to be a fact. I had proof of it yesterday, and was disgusted at being compelled to listen to a dialogue between a white man and his barber, in which a white woman’s respectability was handled with little ceremony. The waiters at our public tables, instead of attending to guests respectfully and silently, keep up a continual “gabble,” and if they think they have anything good to communicate, thrust their grinning faces, with disgusting impertinence, sufficiently close to yours to render a hasty withdrawal of your head necessary to save you from the effects of their perfumed breath. Niggers in this State are almost too free, and relaxation of Nigger bonds has ever proved dangerous. I wish you would call attention to these things before it is too late. You may rely on being informed of everything that meets any one of the hundred eyes of




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