Who’s Zoomin’ Who? (Turns Out It’s Not the Greezers)

June 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yahoo is my browser homepage and not surprisingly I make a daily habit of reading stories on subjects of interest to me: technology, bicycle racing, world events, dachshunds who love lions (and vice versa), and such.

My other favorite topic of interest is stories dealing with Mexico and U.S.-Mexican relations, because of the time I’ve spent in Mexico, and the fact that my wife is Mexican (And no, she did not come here illegally. In fact, she had never even visited the United States before we became engaged and she had no desire to live here, until love conquered all. Indeed, the vast majority of Mexicans have no desire to live here.).

Most of the time, I just read each story itself and avoid scrolling down to the reader comments, and with good reason: they are usually hate-filled screeds, overwhelmingly filled with vicious, off-base conceptions and outright lies that make me want to kick the author in his pelotas (we’ll leave the ver-wommin out of the fight for now). Why, I’ve heard Nazis speak more generously of Jews and homosexuals than what these assholes froth about Mexicans (despite the fact that American dissoluteness and self-indulgence are what fuel the drug trade). And the misconceptions and lies they spout are more repetitive than a 14-year-old boy’s masturbatory motions.

One of the most repeated and misguided claims regards the supposed burden that “illegal aliens” place on our economy generally, and our healthcare system specifically, points that I have repeatedly disproved on my occasional replies to the most egregious of the frothers. But to no avail. Logic and truth to them is like time to a hog.

But now comes an article in the newest issue of the journal, Health Affairs, that blows the frothers’ healthcare burden claims to the hell that awaits the frothers after their miserable lives on earth. And that article is the subject of an editorial comment in the May 30 edition of that bastion of print media conservatism in Texas, the Dallas Morning News, by staff columnist Ralph De La Cruz (which I am reprinting here with full attribution, upon pain of possible lawsuit, so please, any of you few Blunderbuss readers who happen to cast your eyes upon this, don’t rat on me to the Morning News):

Immigrants contributing to Medicare’s health


By Ralph De La Cruz

11:39 am on May 30, 2013

(http://dallasmorningviewsblog.dallasnews.com/2013/05/immigrants-contributing-to-medicares-health.html/ )

In case you missed it…

Turns out immigrants are not just tending our lawns and cleaning our homes. They’re saving our health care. More specifically, Medicare.

In 2009 immigrants made 14.7 percent of Trust Fund contributions but accounted for only 7.9 percent of its expenditures—a net surplus of $13.8 billion,” says the abstract from a study on immigration and Medicare published yesterday in the journal, Health Affairs. “In contrast, US-born people generated a $30.9 billion deficit,”

The study by Harvard researchers looked at the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, which accounts for about half of Medicare’s monies, and found that, “Immigrants generated surpluses of $11.1–$17.2 billion per year between 2002 and 2009, resulting in a cumulative surplus of $115.2 billion. Most of the surplus from immigrants was contributed by noncitizens and was a result of the high proportion of working-age taxpayers in this group. Policies that restrict immigration may deplete Medicare’s financial resources.”

One of the reasons for the surplus is that immigrants, particularly those who are undocumented, put money into the system but because of their status, often do not receive benefits. Another key is the youthfulness of immigrants. For example, the median age for Hispanics, which comprise the largest group of immigrants, is 27, while the median-age for non-Hispanic whites is 42.

For years, demographers such as former Texas state demographer Steve Murdock, have been predicting such a trend. And warning that we need a healthy level of immigration to economically prop up social welfare programs for our native, but graying, population.

Well, trends have become reality.

The fact that immigrants substantially subsidize the Medicare Trust Fund, which is responsible for 22 percent of all US health care spending, should cause us to rethink the prevailing descriptions of immigrants as net takers of health care resources and should, on grounds of fairness, prompt us to be less quick to deny access to care for immigrants through other public programs,” said researchers Leah Zallman and Danny McCormick.

So, all you frothers, to loosely borrow a sentiment from Frank Zappa: “Blow it out your ass … “


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