I Have Met the Fool, and He Is Us

April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

Happy Belated All Fools Day, y’all;  from the Austin Statesman:
April 2, 1884
The boys had a deal of sport in the city yesterday making fools of the public. One fellow filled a pocket book with red pepper and laid it on the street. Along came a negro, and forgetting it was the first of April, picked it up and opened it. The boy had fixed a whale bone in the wallet in such a way that when he opened it, it snapped up and sent pepper into the fellow’s face and eyes. If ever a negro danced and howled on Pecan street , that negro did it. “Oh, lordy, lordy; I’m pizened, I’m pizened,” could be heard half a block away.
An amusing thing happened in one of the saloons in the first ward. A wag was telling his dream. He said he dreamed he saw the fellow who robbed the Gambrinus saloon. He was certain that dream was a warning, and if he ever saw a man who looked like the one seen in the dream he should have him arrested. He said he had a spot of dirt on his nose. He believed he was in the room now. Every man in the bar-room wiped his nose. This is an old trick, but he played it successfully.

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