They Want The Young Americans

June 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

This little story ran in the January 20, 1855, edition of Austin’s Texas State Times and reads as fresh as anything in the political headlines today about “Cheeto Jesus” Trump and his minions.

A rather ludicrous exposition of “Young America’s” ideas of “Know Nothingism” occurred in the streets some weeks since. An “organ-grinder” with a monkey had been perambulating the place. The boys tried little tricks on the German which he bore with Job-like patience. They finally endeavored to lasso Mr. Monkey and thereby greatly enraged Mr. Kraut, who swore at them in bad English, and threw stones after them as they retreated. One of them, a sprout beyond the Atlantic, turned upon the Baron: “Oh, yes, you damned old Dutch rascal, the Know Nothings will be along here directly. They’ll clean you up.”


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