Of Mares and Men: Chaff from the Austin Daily Statesman, July 9, 1894

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It used to be the case in Texas that when man stole a horse or cow he was hung, but if he killed a man he was banquetted. This state of affairs has changed some little in late years so far as the general public is concerned, but how about the courts? A man steals a horse and his bail is fixed at $3000; beats a woman, he is fined $50 and the city council promptly remits the fine. If he fires a house he is sent to jail as a capital offender and bail refused him. If he stands up on a street corner and plugs loose at a man with a six shooter until all the chambers are empty, what then? The officer arrested him; he is released on $500 bond and permitted to escape. He only hit his man once, the balance of the bullets chased themselves up a crowded street. How about blind justice sizing up and comparing the gravity of the crime in this enlightened age?

The city of Austin has long needed a patrol wagon and now is the opportune time for her to secure one. The tax levied on dogs by the city council not long ago is ample for the maintenance of a patrol wagon. It would be a most valuable addition to the police force of this city and would tend to do away with that disgusting sight of two or three policemen dragging and fighting along the principal streets of the city with a “drunk.” It is something that we should of had a number of years ago, but we ought by all means to have it now. That dog tax will be sufficient for its maintenance. Dads of the city council please give your little boys in blue a nice little patrol wagon.


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