About the Blunderbuss

"Gorilla" My Dreams

Love is sweet in Espinazo, Nuevo Leon

Collector and teller of Texas tales: heroes, outlaws, fussin’ and feuds, real tales, tall tales, small tales, music, whores, wars, sex, drugs, roll and rock, eccentricities, legends, characters, roadside attractions, tasty grub.



§ 7 Responses to About the Blunderbuss

  • sally adams says:

    Hey, Richard. Just suddenly thought of you.

    You ok? Congrats on making a living as a writer. Every 40 years or so we should say hello.

    Sally Adams

  • Bobby Scantlin says:

    What part does the McRib play in Hill Country BBq?

    • For me, Bobby, the McRib is a bit player, as in bits of mystery pork glued together in a riblet-like fashion. Of course, pickles and onion make every meat sandwich better. I confess to having eaten a McRib approx. 30 years ago — in Houston — and can wholeheartedly say that I vastly preferred it to its glued-together cousins, the low-end chicken McNougats. Bon-ey appetite to you!

  • Randy says:

    Hi, came across your book. I’m researching any history on the South San Gabriel River area around Leander along 183. So far I have found nothing. Know of any sources to look into? Thanks for doing the Hill Country book. I found out about the old general store in Andice. Serves great burgers.

    • Randy, my knowledge is limited to the Austin & Northwestern’s route to Burnet, which as you know,. by passed South Gabriel. What you have read in the book is pretty much all i know, other than a bit more accumulated for my ANW project, which lies festering at this point. Land of clear Waters by Clara Scarborough is the only other book I know of and it is about all of Williamson County.

  • Julius says:

    Hey! I’ve been getting a lot out of your writings on the Saengerrunde and Austin’s music scene during the biergarten age of 1879-1918. It’s certainly given me a wealth of leads on Austin history.

    I’m in the Saengerrunde and spend some time working with the archives there.

    Anyway, I’m glad somebody’s writing about it! Much appreciation and I’d love to talk sometime if you’re still researching.

    • I’m glad you have enjoyed the fruits of my research. My kids (now grown) sang in kinderchor when they were in elementary school. I’m always researching something, so, yes, we can get together sometime.

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