San Marcos Update for Hill Country book

December 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

A thoroughly wretched drive to San Marcos today for a doctor’s appointment, but it gave me a chance to check on the progress of the old Hays County jail restoration (page 260). The outer walls’ stabilization appears largely completed and the old bastille looks nice and tight, not fixing to crumble and fall like before. The windows are all boarded up with what appears to be gun metal gray steel plates, but which are probably plywood. The jail is fenced off so closer examination was not possible. The lot on which it sits has also been cleaned up and is free of weeds.

Unfortunately, there has been no progress on the future Eddie Durham Museum (pp. 260-61), and the sign proudly announcing its coming is fading into illegibility.

Woody’s Bar-B-Que (p. 261) had to change its name several months ago to Hays County Bar-B-Que, but everything else is unchanged and still great.

Fuschak’s Pit Bar-B-Q is now at 1701 S Interstate 35 (east side).

Owing to the wretched weather I did not take the Old Post Road route through Kyle and Buda, but took I-35 as far as Toll Road 45, where I cut over to US 183, since the traffic on I-35 northbound earlier this morning had been backed up from the river to Slaughter Lane. Talk about about a beige and asphalt elephant! I was the only east bound car in sight the whole way. I will refrain from further comment about the idiocy of all of this. I-35 like a parking lot and TRs 45 and 130 like ghost towns. Only in Texas, where the inmates rule the asylum.

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